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Robert Crouchet is devoted to exceeding your expectations by working as a team within the Gleason Group.  As a certified and licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Robert and his team are able to help determine the proper value of your asset while using our marketing power to make sure we bring you measurable results. We have the  knowledge and experience when it comes to listing commercial real estate that brings stunning results for you.

We utilize every available method to promote your listing that include:

  • Commercial Agent Blast to entire commercial community
  • Website
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Blog 
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Signage
  • Individual website page for your property
  • Commercial meeting Networking
  • Plus posting on numerous other commercial sites 

We start every commercial listing with an expertise valuation that gives you and our team the proper tools to be successful at positioning your listing for optimal results.  When also put our marketing power behind your listing to make sure that we maximize every channel available.  We know that we are the best commercial real estate brokers in Acadiana, and we plan on proving that to you from day one.  You can have confidence with Robert Crouchet and Team that we deliver spectacular results.


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