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806 E. St. Mary Blvd

Lafayette, LA 70508



licensed in the state of Louisiana

Want to discuss an Appraisal?

Real Estate Appraisals


Land Appraisals

Expert Witness/Testimony

Real Estate Investment

Building Appraisal

Feasability Studies

Banks, Attorney's or Real Estate Agents need an appraisal from a Certified Appraiser to help value your Home, Land or Building

What's an Appraisal

20+ years experience, accredited and certified and on most Banks, Attorney's and Institutions Approved List

Why Use the Best?

Understanding exactly how the value is given, where the information came from and how it all affects you is vital

Understanding it All



Starting as a real estate agent, it was a natural fit to also be in the appraisal business. Understanding both sides of the business enables our team to make sure we hunt for the most accurate, most helpful but realistic values of your home, business, land or building

Trusted by Attorney's, on most Banks approved lists, Sheriff's lists and by in town as well as out of state Lenders, that just tells you that Oil City Appraisals is just good at what we do.  What tells you we will do a good job for you is that we are the best at finding the true value, digging deep and not settling on mediocre information and making sure we do it fast and accurate. 

When it comes to your appraisal, we work harder than anyone to make sure we always do our best job and stand by our work. We never settle and we don't cut corners. 

Being a "Certified Appraiser" means that you adhere to the highest of standards and continually educating yourself on the latest information on how to be the best at what you do. Proud to say that we have been certified for over 20 years and we are happy to bring our expertise to you.